An Aedicula of Bookmarks


Presented as series of hyperlinks, contributors are asked to share a list of things they commonly reference, repeatedly encounter or simply enjoy at a specific moment in time.

Rather than presenting the links as individual points of interest, the archive would like to amplify the analogies and remote connections that act invisibly between the chosen items. The selections allude to the author’s interests, large and small, which in appearance might diverge from their daily profession, but which undoubtedly influence their output.

While interests are commonly shared, especially between people in similar professions, one’s reasoning for liking something might differ from someone else’s. Frequently, an affinity for something is backed by a personal interpretation, which if explained can unintentionally influence the spontaneous interpretation of others. The lack of captions or descriptions leaves space for the selections to be reframed in a myriad of individual interpretations, a silent game of broken translations.