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1 Manufacturers offer certain guarantees when you use genuine brand toner in your printer and makes certain threats if you don’t.

2 Problems with compatible toners may be caused by various factors including different melting points, different electrostatic qualities, different pigments and different particle sizes.

3 Toner refill kits are also an option, allowing the consumer to simply refill an empty cartridge.

Chapter (3)
~ Last Toner Cartridge

The last thing Us remembered seeing in the fire, was the printer toner cartridges. The smoke was thick, and Us was severely light headed, but Us distinctly recalled seeing the HP shipping box and one black and white cartridge resting, angled on the carpet. Nothing else, just the cartridges. The facets of those things are so peculiar, almost unimaginably so, Us thought. After this, US passed out.

Us woke up being pushed by two firemen. One was African American, so Us immediately felt a connection. When outside they gave Us some oxygen through one of those clear tubes, with the nostril holes. Us thought Us overheard that ______ was still missing, which made Us terrified and made Us feel like Us was going to vomit.

After coming to, Us was laying on the gurney, off to the side of the excitement and terror. Us watched little flecks of burned debris falling all over. Us looked at the blue sky beyond the haze and at the flakes collecting on the jacket and the gray straps that secured us to the contraption. Us heard a rumbling that sounded like a massive engine grinding to a halt, as well as screams and yells. Us weakly looked over and saw only approaching blobs of smoke.

Us collapsed back looking in the opposite direction at the side street. Before passing out again Us made eye contact with ______ as she was driving by in her little blue sedan.