Tibor Bielicky

Tibor Bielicky (DE/US) is an architect, photographer and editor, living and working in Zurich. Growing up in Düsseldorf he then studied architecture at Technical University in Munich and IUAV in Venice. He works at Caruso St John Architects, was an invited critic at Princeton, Cornell, ETH and TUM, was co-founder and editor of architecture magazine Planphase and, together with Leo Bettini, Max Creasy, Ellena Ehrl and Dominic Kim, is founder of periodical Superposition. With Ellena Ehrl he collaborates on various projects. In addition to built works, they produce self-initiated, multi-disciplinary research on subculture, architecture, urbanism and design. As part of that, Recording America is an ongoing investigation into the culture of US-architecture, rooted in research, photography and media art. They dedicated a number of lectures, essays and exhibitions to this work and self-published several zines connected to their research productions.